Highly Unique Radio (Atlanta) is the new staple in the Atlanta Metro Area for new underground music and being the first the play the hits supplying the people with the best that Reggae, Dancehall, Soca , Calypso, R&B, and hip hop has to offer. It has been rated the number one Hip Hop/Caribbean online radio station by the TuneIn Radio App.

The DJ’s and personalities have also been rated number one by the 900,000+ monthly listeners via our website and TuneIn Radios app and web platform. Along with our listenership, Highly Unique Radio and our personalities boast a social media reach of over 1.9 million. Along with our station, Highly Unique Radio’s website has tripled in visits since January to 5,000+ monthly visits and growing.

Highly Unique Radio, focused on bringing the community something that mainstream radio had missed, the true essence and culture of the Caribbean, Hip Hop and R&B communities. Highly Unique Radio has brought together some of the best DJ’s of different genres of Caribbean, R&B, Hip Hop and EDM to feature their individual talents live on the air to the Highly Unique Radio audience.

This unique approach made Highly Unique Radio different from any other mainstream or online radio station. Since then, we have flourished, and is recognized across the world as the station to find out, where to party, and the latest hottest music.

Website:  http://highlyuniqueradio.com

Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/highlyunique_radio/

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